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Established in 2010, Single Star has been a leading online retailer of MTG cards in Japan for 14 years. With over 400,000 orders fulfilled and more than 1 million cards sold, we have built a reputation for excellence and reliability. Our extensive inventory boasts over 120,000 unique card varieties, ensuring that you can find the cards you need to build your perfect deck.

International Shipping Now Available

We are excited to announce that Single Star is now offering international shipping, making our vast selection of MTG singles accessible to players around the world. We will promptly ship your cards to your doorstep.

Our Main Japanese Website for Most Cards

Please note that these our main Japanese website (https://www.singlestar.jp/) features most wider range of cards. International shipping is also available for orders placed on our Japanese website.

Customer Support

However, please be aware that customer support on our main Japanese website is primarily offered in Japanese. If you require assistance in English, we recommend contacting us through English-language website (https://www.singlestar.net).

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At Single Star, we are committed to providing MTG enthusiasts worldwide with top-quality cards and exceptional service. Start exploring our collection today and discover the perfect additions to your deck!